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Erbil host the second economic forum between Kurdistan and UAE

Thursday, 18 April 2013



The Second economic forum between Kurdistan Region and UAE was launched on Tuesday with the attendance of the UAE Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade , Abdulla Salih, and representatives of Kurdistan Region Government, besides the participation of many businessmen and companies.


The Supervisor of the Economic Council in the Cabinet of Kurdistan Regional Government, Othman Shuani, stated that “The stable security situation in Kurdistan Region encouraged more than (2000) foreign company to invest in Kurdistan Region, ” stressing that “The rapprochement between the companies in KRG and the UAE is important for enhancing the coordination and coopiration between both sides”.


Salih attributed the strong relations between Kurdistan Region and UAE to the stable security, econmic and political situation in KRG, ” pointing out that “They will attempt to develop the bilateral relations with the whole Iraq through Kurdistan Region,” the statement added.


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