Nancy Ajram in ERBIL, IRAQ!

By Mariwan Salihi
Thursday, 01 December 2011

The Arab-Lebanese superstar, Nancy Ajram will perform for the first time in Iraq in a large concert held in Erbil, Kurdistan Region on December 22. The original date was planned for December 9, but it was postponed for unknown reasons; The organizers of the concert, Clue, provided iErbil with the new details.


Furthermore, Nancy is currently busy recording her first song in the Iraqi Arabic dialect ("Dego Al'a Al Khashab" - Knock on the Wood) - a traditional song. She hopes to perform the song with the famous Iraqi artist Hatem al-Iraqi on stage.


It was always a dream of mine to sing in the beautiful Iraqi accent. The Iraqi accent has always impressed me, she says.


It's believed the organizers of the concert have paid Nancy Ajram around $140,000 to perform a few songs in Erbil.



iErbil Exclusive details:

Venue: Galaxy Hall in Ainkawa, Erbil

Time: Starting 20:00 until midnight

Ticket Prices:


First and Second only families/couples, no.3 for anyone. Including dinner
Ticket prices
First ticket
Second ticket
Third ticket




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