Erbil is celebrating the 6th Festival of Hawler 2012

Saturday, 10 March 2012


Celebrating its long journey through history, the ancient city of Erbil is Commemorating the anniversary of the 11th of March, the glorious uprising of the Kurdish nation, freedom and Newroz and offering a stream of artistic presentations.

Meanwhile, a brighter rewarding future is on the horizon along with the social, educational, cultural and economic growth of Kurdistan in general and Erbil in particular, especially that it has been nominated to be the capital of tourism of Arab countries in 2014.

In this year’s festival, Erbil Governorate is bridging all parts of Kurdistan‘s art and cultures for ten continuous days in coordinating with general directorate of culture, arts and youth and present a spectrum of colourful musical and artistic performances.

The Festival High Committee welcomes everyone to participate in this colourful festival of freedom and Newroz.


Click here for an overview of the Festival Program